About me:

I’m a photographer based in Utah specializing in real estate and event photography – I also have a mild obsession with things that fly.

I was born and raised in Colorado where I developed a love for the mountains and everything outdoors. Growing up I worked for my parents property management and real estate firm where I experienced a rapidly changing market, worked with a diverse group of individuals, and developed a resolute work ethic. My Mother, also an interior designer and photographer, opened my eyes to the world of architecture, art, design, and most of all a love for the camera.

After studying Business at the University of Colorado at Boulder, I moved to Aspen, Colorado in hopes of becoming a ski bum. Turns out, that part was easy. I spent the next five years skiing with photographers around the world and competing on the Freeride World Tour and similar events. (Here is a LINK if you are unfamiliar with this subculture of skiing.) I had the opportunity to travel and ski in dozens of countries; yet after a few too many injuries and my body starting to hurt, I found myself searching for new endeavors.

Conveniently, it was 2009 and the economy was bordering on collapse; so, I went to school, which for me this was a little different than the average secondary school. As a skier I had the opportunity to do a fair amount of helicopter skiing; so I turned my obvious obsession with helicopters into a career and went to flight school.

This is where things get a little interesting, so let’s fast forward through the next ten years: I got my CFII helicopter pilot certificates, partied, flew helicopters, moved to Europe and designed skis, partied some more, learned a new language, did backflips in a helicopter, traveled to 36 countries, rode a camel, moved back to the states, flew helicopters again, married an awesome chick, taught people from all over the world how to fly UAVs, worked as a diplomat for the Department of Defense, and in the process picked up photography again. Wow, time flies when you’re having fun.

Throughout my pursuits I have admired many forms of art, but after exploring life on the other side of the lens as an action sports athlete, I have developed a love and appreciation for the subtleties expressed through photography. For me this has morphed into a passion and become a balance of curiosity and technical knowhow. Searching for the right photo that captures the moment is my challenge every time pick up the camera. In a world saturated with amazing images, I hope to capture the ones that hold meaning for you.