A professional portrait taken for AIM DevCO.


Professional portrait sessions involve capturing the identity, personality, and essence of a subject through photographs. I focus on showcasing the unique characteristics and emotions of the individual. This type of photography requires the use of flattering backgrounds fitting to the individual or business, lighting, atmosphere, and poses to enhance the subject's message and bring out their true personality.

An environmental portrait of a man working at a county fair.


Environmental portraits place the subject within their environment, such as their workplace or a familiar setting, aiming to reflect their character and lifestyle in a contextual manner.

A family posing together for a group photo.

Family and Group

Family and group portraits capture the togetherness and relationships among family members or a close group of friends. They can be formal or casual, showcasing the bond and connection between the individuals. Family reunions, holiday cards, or just capturing a time when everyone is all in one place.

Young man standing in front of hit mural for lifestyle portrait session.


Lifestyle portraits aim to capture individuals or groups in a natural and unposed manner, often engaging in regular activities or routines. They focus on conveying the subject's personality and everyday life. Candid and relaxed photo session


Please reach out to book a session.

If you have any questions please feel free to send us a message. However, check the FAQ section below for some additional information pertaining to portrait sessions. I look forward to working with you.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Location, what options are there?

Portrait sessions are very personal and therefore should be taken in a place that resonates with the objective of the shoot. Therefore, its up to you. All of my gear is mobile and we can come to you.
I do have a few locations locally that I like to shoot, and we can discuss these options, but I am always open for new ideas. Your input on the location can help us create the perfect setting for your portraits.

What should we wear?

Style is important in the overall outcome of the images, and therefore some thought should go into this topic. Please think about the use of the images. Who are they for? Where will they bee seen? Then choose an outfit, or two, that fits with the setting and use case of the photos. This topic is shoot specific, but we can discuss some ideas and bring in outside support if necessary.